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Name: Rebecca Kool
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Rebecca Kool has always been a little quirky. This year, 2012, is the year of RED, which first showed up as streaks in her snow white hair! Always ahead of the curve. A published author of children's bi-lingual books, Rebecca will soon launch her work into the digital world. On February 17th, one week before her birthday, Rebecca's life took a 360 with a surprising, shocking diagnosis--atrial fibrillation, or erratic heartbeat. A writer has to write. The platform is either my journal or a public forum like a blog. I chose the latter in hopes that A Journey of the Heart will inform everyone, women especially, that heart disease is the #1 killer. If it jogs only one reader to seek testing, I will have accomplished my goal. I hope that you follow my journey, which has been put in reverse to begin on February 17th, and share with people you care about.

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Jan 26

Multicultural Children’s Book Day~January 27, 2016

A day to celebrate the power of multicultural children’s books around the world. I’m proud to be a part of a growing group of authors who craft bilingual books for kids, including authors who have had their kid’s book(s) translated into other languages worldwide. Introducing children to another country’s culture and language gives our young …

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Oct 17

16th Annual Victoria Nikkei Festival

Mark your calendars, October 24, from 10-4,  for the 16th annual Nikkei Festival in Victoria.  Kamishibai4Kids will be entertaining the children starting at 11:45am in the kid’s craft room.  My sidekick and I will be reading Fly Catcher Boy using Japan’s old style storytelling theatre, kamishibai (kah-me-she-bye). After the reading you can find me at …

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May 31

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Victoria

May 7, 2015.  A perfectly fine, sunny day for students from Margaret Jenkins Ecole Primary School to walk from their school to the Oak Bay library where we all gathered in a cozy, private room for a “kamishibai” presentation of my English/Japanese bilingual book, Fly Catcher Boy. After introductions and some personal backstory, we launched …

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Apr 18

Cherry Blossom Fever Consumes Nation!

Here in Victoria, BC, Canada we enjoy a multitude of cherry blossom blooms.  Our glorious sunny spring weather ensured that our blooms were reported on CBC national news, taunting those who were still burdened with snow and wickedly cold weather, day after miserable day.  Here, at the hint of sunshine you will find Victoria’ites clad …

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Mar 31


Last fall, my house guest commented that I hummed–a lot. I was surprised. I didn’t realize I was a hummer but I didn’t think much about it as I was busy getting ready to leave for my trip to Japan. After settling into my rental accommodation in Japan, I became aware that I was humming. …

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Nov 27

Wicked jet lag….

I left Japan three weeks ago. Most days it seems utterly surreal that I spent an entire month living my life on another continent. Before I left I titled this trip: “Japan: Then & Now.”  Here’s my first attempt at that (unfulfilled) promise of regular blog posts!

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Oct 21

Sayonara Baby!

NB:  while this initial post was created October 5, it’s now 17 days on, 22 October!  I know I promised to blog daily but….life got in the way.  I’ll have some solid bullet train time as I travel north for Tokyo, Sendai, and Morioka (Oct 23-26) to catch up on the past 17 days’ experiences …

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Sep 05

Rebecca-sensei~the journey begins

Thirty more sleeps and the adventure begins!  I’m returning to Japan for a one-month book tour which begins October 5, 2014.  I am beyond excited to visit my home-away-from-home for six years (1994-2000), rekindle friendships I left behind, introduce FLY CATCHER BOY (by ‘kamishibai’ theatre), and bathe in all that is Japan for me–beautiful fall …

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May 09

Asian Heritage Month at the Surrey Museum!

I enjoyed taking part in Asian Heritage Day at the Surrey Museum last weekend.  What a day it was!  This colourful event celebrated Surrey’s diverse Asian cultures with crafts, games, music and dance as well as martial arts demonstrations, some on-site ear acupuncture, and of course yours truly talking about bi-lingual books to an interested eager audience.  …

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Mar 03

Closing out a year of National Holidays in Japan

Well, it’s over.  Last year I began posting about each and every national holiday celebrated in Japan….all fifteen of them!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning a bit more about the country. My foray into bi-lingual books for kids was prompted by the desire to write entertaining and informative books for children giving them an opportunity to learn …

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