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Sep 05


  Written in Ajijic; posted in White Rock… As my departure date nears, people are asking “will you miss Mexico?”  Yes, of course.  I’m so glad that I came, faced the negative parts of living here for four years, and relaxed into what I love most about this area.  There are the givens: temperate climate, flora …

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Aug 27

Only one more week…..

A normal morning routine.  I backed out the long drive through the black iron gates, approached the highway, looked to my left to check for oncoming traffic ……and there she was.  The road kill count has gone up by one…a beautiful dark brown mare was hit by a vehicle overnight.  The sad thing is I …

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Aug 22

Today is an important day!

  Today is the 19th INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS ANIMALS DAY. Nothing to celebrate but lots to ponder. According to the Humane Society, 6-8 million animals enter shelters every year. About half of these animals are adopted and tragically half are euthanized.  That’s 3-4 million cats and dogs killed each year.  While most are mixed breeds, an …

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Aug 15


  The countdown has begun.  Somehow days and weeks have raced by, while I still sit with so many unfinished projects scattered around the desk. I can always write and organize projects when I return to Canada but I can’t spend relaxing hours watching the hummers war over their juice, share meals with old friends, …

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Aug 08

August Observations in Mexico

I can be found here every morning!   I’m a week into my second month here in Mexico; and, yes, I’ve neglected posting something..anything.. on my blog. Not because there’s nothing happening; quite the contrary, too much has been happening! So here are some rambling thoughts and observations:

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Jul 20


Good things always happen on Tuesday.  Today was no exception.  I visited a new outdoor organic market, open every Tuesday morning.  I arrived just before the official start and was lucky to buy the ONLY batch of swiss chard;  I also purchased cilantro, beautiful round small green tomatoes (not as in fried green tomatoes),  a …

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Jul 17


When I was offered a house, a car and a cat for two months in Mexico, my only concern was about food and water.  As you’ve read, bad food/bad water was what sent me crawling north in 2004.  Since then, I was diagnosed celiac, which means I cannot eat and digest wheat and gluten.  If …

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Jul 12

First week in Mexico

After my first week in Ajijic, I’m happy to say that, aside from growth, much is still the same.  Four stoplights instead of one, a Walmart, a full lake, and a burgeoning population are just a few of the changes I’ve noticed.  I’m sure as the days go on I’ll be able to dig deeper …

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Jul 08


  On July 1st,  Canada Day,  I set off for Mexico to spend two months house and cat sitting for residents of Ajijic, a small village on Lake Chapala, about 30 minutes out of Guadalajara.  The most difficult part about travel to Mexico was getting through US customs and immigration at the Vancouver Airport.  It …

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