Jul 04

Thank you Keen Readers!

Sure, the writing and publishing road can be fraught with potholes, detours, or unexpected dead ends yet there are so many success stories, not all of them measured by best-sellers or high-profile book tours.  While my own publishing story came down to “right place, right time”, it was also loaded with all that is wonderful and exciting in a first book.  In the fall of 2009 Fly Catcher Boy (Gumboot Books)  was ready for launch at CWILL’s Fall Harvest event at the North Vancouver Library.  I felt like a giddy new mum holding my first-born in my arms.

On May 15th the re-worked Fly Catcher Boy became available as an iBook.  While the storyline remains the same, this new dual-language book offers a “read-to-me” feature plus a audio pronunciation glossary so readers can learn to pronounce and use over 80 Japanese words.

Working outside traditional publishing, this digital platform took much less time to produce, yet the obstacles are much the same.  Similarities?  Both need exposure.  The original Fly Catcher Boy took about two years to get gain recognition.

So here I am again, getting the word out but this time it’s all about the “new and updated” Fly Catcher Boy.  Interviews are a good way to get to know the author and their book.  I really enjoyed doing this one.

Thanks to Tony Dirksen, co-founder along with Pam Withers, of KEEN READERS.  I’m proud to be featured on your website.   www.keenreaders.org/rebecca-kool.

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