Aug 21

FLY CATCHER BOY print version now up on AMAZON

Yipee~  Fly Catcher Boy is now available in print on Amazon.com (Amaozon.ca shows “temporarily out of stock” but go ahead and order anyway; it will ship fairly quickly despite the notation).  The print version now joins the iBook, covering digital and print needs.  Self-publishing has been quite a journey and I could never have done it on my own; heaps of gratitude to Crystal Stranaghan, my project developer/tech genius, for all her work.  We started late August 2011 and finished nine months later.  And, yes, it can certainly be compared to “birthin’ a babe”!  The audio pronunciation glossary (which is part of the iBook) is now up on my website,  free access to anyone who wants to brush up on pronunciation!

It’s been awhile since I posted; gomen (sorry); been on the “do not disturb” list for several weeks but am feeling much better.  Thanks for asking!

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