Mar 03

Closing out a year of National Holidays in Japan

Well, it’s over.  Last year I began posting about each and every national holiday celebrated in Japan….all fifteen of them!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning a bit more about the country.

My foray into bi-lingual books for kids was prompted by the desire to write entertaining and informative books for children giving them an opportunity to learn a bit about the language and culture of different countries.  Because I lived and worked in Japan for six years, Japan was an easy first choice.  But I have traveled to many countries and my “list” of books I want to write is quite long.

2012 has been a challenging year for me.  My focus has been on recovering my health but, sadly, not writing. First things first.  I’m happy to say that as of today I’m nearing the finish line and feeling antsy to get back to work!

I thank all my friends and colleagues for their patience and support; I promise you that I shall return to writing books again!  I can’t NOT write!  It’s a common affliction amongst those of us who create books for children.

I’ll keep you up to date on this website and through Facebook as I move into some exciting projects this year.  Gambari-mas (I’ll do my best!)

P.S.  Preparing for a local public event tomorrow evening at the Vancouver Public Library.  I’ll be participating with other children’s book writers/illustrators on a panel, “Getting Started in Children’s Books”, sponsored by CWILL  (Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC) and the VPL.  Looking forward to an eager audience and lots of fun with my fellow CWILLers. 🙂

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