Sep 05

Rebecca-sensei~the journey begins

Thirty more sleeps and the adventure begins!  I’m returning to Japan for a one-month book tour which begins October 5, 2014.  I am beyond excited to visit my home-away-from-home for six years (1994-2000), rekindle friendships I left behind, introduce FLY CATCHER BOY (by ‘kamishibai’ theatre), and bathe in all that is Japan for me–beautiful fall weather, onsen, extraordinarily kind and polite people, food, big city lights, small town charms, convenient transport, food….oh, I mentioned that, did I?  I do love the food, yes I do!

Kamishibai, Surrey Museum, 2012

Kamishibai, Surrey Museum, 2012

I ran away from home at the age of 50 seeking adventure and travel.  I landed in Japan with two pieces of luggage and an assortment of expectations.  The luggage survived; the expectations faded, and I spent six of the most fascinating, exciting years of my life in Japan’s third largest city, Nagoya, smack dab in the middle of this island country.  I won’t lie; the first six-eight months were tough.  I had no job, little money, no friends, and pathetic  language skills.  The cards were stacked against me but I never gave up.  With the help of my homestay family, I secured an apartment; I rode the trains daily to get a feel for the territory and got lost more than once, and always met other ‘foreigners’ who became fast friends and led me to part-time jobs.  My life improved day by day.  I traveled Asia and returned to Canada for high holidays.  The longer I stayed in Japan the more foreign Canada seemed to me.  After six years it was time to leave.

In  2000 my new husband, Takeshi Fujibe, and I flew to Mexico where we lived for four years before returning to Canada.  During that time the idea for my bilingual kid’s book was born and in 2009 I launched the first edition of Fly Catcher Boy.  In 2012 the revised edition came out with new illustrations and new formats, including a digital iBook.

My October 2014 calendar is full of kamishibai performances for school children, community events open to the public, libraries in Nagoya and Tokoname, and a few pending gigs I cannot announce just yet.  I hope to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Tokai Japan Canada Society October 13;  I’ll take the bullet train north to Moirioka to attend/present at the annual Japan Writer’s Conference October 25/26; I’ll visit friends in Tokyo; and finally Takeshi and I will take a trip south to Nagasaki for a long awaited holiday/book research trip.

I’m thankful to the Nagoya Magazine for the great interview they published this week.  Go to:
www.nagmag.jp, click on Magazine, then scroll down to find “KOOL STORY”.

I’m grateful for the boots-on-the-ground in Japan for making all the necessary arrangements for my gigs, which might include a TV interview with my trusty translator!

You may have noticed I’ve not posted a single word for almost two years–challenging years of change which have led to a recovery of my health, a new residence in Victoria, and a renewed excitement for life in general and all that is writing in particular. I’m ready.  It’s good to be back; I hope you missed me.

Stay tuned…..


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