Mar 31


Last fall, my house guest commented that I hummed–a lot. I was surprised. I didn’t realize I was a hummer but I didn’t think much about it as I was busy getting ready to leave for my trip to Japan.

Why is this woman so content?

Why is this woman so content?

After settling into my rental accommodation in Japan, I became aware that I was humming. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Why was I aware of it here in a foreign country?

I consulted Dr. Google to find out why people unconsciously hum. Here’s what the good doctor told me: “Humming can be an indication of a contented mind. Or it can be a stress buster. (Dr. Google is quite open- minded and looks at both sides of the question). I preferred the former–a sign of contentment. I told myself  “Relax, you hum when you feel good. It’s a simple activity and it’s free. Think of it as little bits of joy bubbling up from your unconscious.”

And that’s what I did.  I was still bothered by why I was aware of humming in Japan and not Canada? I think I now understand. In Japan I had no television/radio in my apartment. Silence, every day.  I could listen to Tune In radio on my iPad, but for all intents and purposes there were no sound distractions in my apartment for a full month.  Outside was another world (noisy) altogether!

My conclusion: we all come with our own built-in entertainment systems.  What’s yours?

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