Nov 12

Diary of an Exhausted Author….


November 11, 2009. Remembrance Day marks the conclusion of 10 days of “launching”.  Slept in late, watched the ceremonies on television, and took some instruction from a computer whiz on how to post pictures on my blog.  It isn’t perfect but here they are. I hope you enjoy them. There are more to come….but first, a retrospective on the past ten days.

On November 1st I invited a few friends for my “open house/book launch”.  A lovely day; flowers, friends, gifts…lots of good conversation and stories.  A few surprise appearances by people I haven’t seen in some time iced the cake.  The whipped cream was selling 15 books, all personally signed.

November 7th I attended a master class on writing, sponsored by CWILL (children’s writers/illustrators) A maximum of 15 in the class, we were led through mapping our lives, to setting and character, and finally letters.  Four hours flew by; I enjoyed every moment and realized how much this sort of activity feeds my soul.  Mapping your life…this is quite a revealing exercise I recommend to everyone.  We did it freehand on large sheets of butcher paper, using pencil or colour pencils for the more artistic!  All of us were worried about our ability to draw.  That concern evaporated as we let go and allowed ourselves to go deep inside.  Many shared new insights.

November 8th  The day started at the Japanese Language School hall where a huge lineup waited for the high-noon opening.  The Kitchen Mamaz worked tirelessly to create traditional Japanese dishes, including hot udon noodles dished out by volunteers.  I set up a display table there to introduce FLY CATCHER BOY to the attendees.  The reception was very positive;  I had a great photo taken with two very special little girls whose daddy bought them a book but, unfortunately, I forgot to get his permission to post the photo.  It’s now circulating the School seeking a contact for permission.

After a few hours I left for my own personal launch at Huckleberry Bush Books for Kids on Main St. in Vancouver. Fun reading my book out loud for the first time!  Friends, fellow writers, and my publisher attended….plus a few children!  Takeshi and I then went to have Vietnamese Pho at a favorite haunt.  Home to a bath, bed and a very deep sleep.

November 9th was our monthly CWILL meeting and the next day, the 10th, was held at Hycroft Mansion, built in 1911 and most popular today for the Christmas at Hycroft open house. Check out www.uwcvancouver.ca to have a look at this magnificant mansion. Thirty-two CWILL members who launched books in 2009 were on hand to present their works in 90 seconds to an audience of teachers and librarians!  This was the first time I’d been in the presence of ALL members.  My goodness, what a wealth of talent we have here in B.C.  Through some vehicle I want to let you all know who they are and what they wrote.  From picture books to adult novels/non-fiction, excellent works.  I felt honoured to be in their presence.

Afterwards, the group went upstairs where the book sales/book signings took place.  I enjoyed talking with people who bought my book, while learning some new things about today’s student.  I’m always excited when asked to sign the copy. It’s a big thrill. Hope it never stops to be so.

So, that brings us to today. November 11th.  Clear skies, a walk in the woods, one less meal (remember, I slept in; had brunch).  A good day. Preparations are underway now for a visit to Victoria for my son Brian’s marriage to Joan on Sunday, the 15th.  Brian’s dad and sister Kat will be there, too.  Looking forward to this joyous event. 

Apologies for neglecting the blog for 10 days. Now you know why. More later….

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  1. Jan Markley

    I hear that Rebecca and second it!

    My debut novel for middle grade readers Dead Frog on the Porch was released by Gumboot Books this fall, I’m exhausted too!

    I have a couple more events (two in Edmonton, including a comedy-mystery smackdown with another writer) and one in Toronto. I’ve also just released a book trailer video on my blog.

    check it out at: http://deadfrogontheproch.com

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