Jun 15

Off the deep end!


OK, world; I figured I could spend months seeking perfection and never get this off the ground. It took me over a week to write “about the author” so now it’s time to just dive into the deep end and start blogging! Let’s face it; this is intimidating. It’s pressure. But I know once I get into the deep end I’ll swim around, dog paddle a bit and enjoy the good feeling as the water rushes over me and my body relaxes. This is what swimming does for me.  Please God let it be the same with blogging!

So check in twice a week…Sunday and Thursday to start with. Knowing me, I’ll inch up to more blogs as I become more comfortable with the process.  The journey begins  as we make our way to the official book launch of FLY CATCHER BOY in September. It’s too much to expect that I would have “about the books” ready just yet….stay tuned.


  1. Raywyn M E. "Kiwi"

    Congratulations Rebecca… it took a moment to reconnect, but no surprise thanks to Valley Women’s Networking. I was just talking to Norma in Penticton (our Soul Sister) on the weekend while you were emailing us. I look forward to your journey and keeping in touch as I too am taking the leap of faith, working on my next book series with lots to share… Kia Ora and Blessings – EnJoy the Process with lotsa Light, Love’njoy always and all ways! Raywyn M.E. “Kiwi”

  2. Heidi

    Rebecca, that’s fabulous! My best wishes for your “first” book. Congratulations! Heidi

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