Jun 02

The wait is over…

Fly Catcher Boy for the iPAD* now available

Fly Catcher Boy, first published by Gumboot Books, Vancouver 2009) has been re-worked and re-launched as a dual-language English story with Japanese words throughout, an interactive version brought to life by Simon Hayama’s narration, and Hailey Sabourin’s manga-style illustrations.

The read-it-to-me page by page audio option with sound effects is great for pre-reading learners. Each time a new Japanese word is introduced, the touch-to-play glossary feature provides an audio sample of how the word is pronounced and tells you what it means.  Readers have the opportunity to learn over 80 Japanese words!
This iBOOK is Ideal for young readers 2-12, or anyone looking for a basic introduction to Japanese language and culture. Interactive language learning made easy and fun!
*works on all iPADS; needs iBooks2 and iOS5


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