Jun 05

Is this a boy’s book?

The Surrey Museum located in Cloverdale, BC

May 26th dawned with the promise of sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures.  Spring on the BC coast is sketchy at best.  I dressed in my performance gear–white jeans, a long sleeved white shirt and my “happi coat”, lovingly made by one of my adult students in Japan in the 90s.  I treasure that garment and wear it for every kamishibai performance.

ASIAN HERITAGE DAYS, hosted by the Surrey Museum, featured South Asian culture and craft.  Exotic dancing, harmonious female choir, brush painting, tea ceremony to name a few.  I had been asked to perform my book, “kamishibai-style”.  The timing was perfect.  This would be the first public performance of the new iBOOK.

Energetic dancing by girls who could really move!

Brush Writing; learning to write Japanese kanji

Korean Women's Choir

The doors opened at 1:00pm; people looked in, hesitating, not sure whether to come in or not.  I was seated on the stage encouraging the curious to “come on down”! The theatre started to fill up. I watched two boys enter and look around. They walked toward the stage.  The conversation went something like this:

“What’s this story?”

I motioned for them to come closer to the front.  “What would you like it to be?”

“Are there boys in it?”

“You’re in luck!  The hero is a boy, a talented one at that.  Have a seat.”

They chose the second row first but once the story began, they moved up front.  During my introduction their hands started waving about.

“Questions?”  Oh, yeah, they had questions; lots of them!  I was loving their energy and participation.

“Those earrings…..what….do you….?”  One of the boys noticed my unusual earrings–a small spoon and fork (authentic), crafted into earrings.  It’s part of my “costume”, originally purchased at the Portland Summer Market in the 90s.  Sooner or later someone makes a comment, and it’s always a boy!.  I reward that kid with a small prize, this time POKY chocolate sticks.

Storyteller and the Boyz

Everyone laughed in the right spots.  Eyes were front and centre, audience engaged.  I’m thinking that they’re all enjoying it!  Fabulous.

Storytime ended and everyone clapped.  Parents wanted photos; I wanted photos.  Hope you’ve enjoyed them.


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