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Alone during a thunderstorm one night, Kenji is startled by a noise outside. He opens the door slowly and finds a wet, miserable cat on the doorstep. Kenji brings him inside to warmth and safety. After introductions to his grandmother the next morning, Kenji and his new friend set off on adventures in their small Japanese town.

Fly Catcher Boy cover for print versionThere is a new version of Fly Catcher Boy available now in print – featuring revised text and manga-style illustrations by artist Hailey Sabourin. In addition to the print glossary at the back of the book which will help you learn how to pronounce the Japanese words, there is also an online audio glossary to help you along.

Fly Catcher Boy is available for purchase in print format from:

 And you can also purchase an iPad edition with integrated “read-it-to-me” page-by-page audio from the iBookstore.

Fly Catcher Boy - Rebecca Kool & Hailey Sabourin

Some backstory on Fly Catcher Boy

FLY CATCHER BOY was originally written for the Japanese market. I wrote the English text and my husband, Takeshi Fujibe, wrote the kanji (Japanese characters). One Japanese publisher expressed interest but nothing came of it. Once we left Japan and relocated to Canada I submitted the manuscript worldwide. “Cute story, but we don’t have a market for it” was the consistent theme of rejection letters. Finally, in 2005, one B.C. publisher suggested I re-write the story in English using Japanese words and expressions throughout the text. I did and it was immediately shortlisted for publication. In the end, it wasn’t chosen but I knew I was on the right track. I persisted and in 2007 I met my original publisher, Gumboot Books, at a local writer’s conference and was offered a contract. Gumboot specializes in books that educate and entertain. Canada is a patchwork of cultures so a bilingual book is a useful tool to educate Canadian students about the culture and language of other countries.

Fly Catcher Boy front cover


Author: Rebecca Kool
Illustrator David Namisato
ISBN: 978-1-926691-03-9
Publisher: Gumboot Books


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