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Fly Catcher Boy - Rebecca Kool & Hailey Sabourin

IT’S HERE! FLY CATCHER BOY is ready for your iPAD!

By the time you and your young reader finish this dual-language story, you’ll know over 80 Japanese words! The read-it-to-me page by page audio option with sound effects is great for pre-reading learnings. Each time a new Japanese word is introduced, the touch-to-play glossary feature provides an audio sample of how the word is pronounced and tells you what it means. The Manga-style illustrations help bring the bi-lingual story to life, and Fly Catcher Boy is a fun way to learn about Japanese language and culture.


  • Ideal for young readers 2-12, or anyone looking for a basic introduction to Japanese language and culture.
  • Bright and engaging Manga-style illustrations.
  • Over 80 Japanese words woven into the English story with ‘touch to play’ full audio pronounciation guides.
  • ‘Read it to me’ audio playback option on each story page for pre-reading learners.
  • Interactive language learning made easy and fun.


What people are saying:

“In Fly Catcher Boy, Rebecca Kool tells a gentle tale of the adventures of a Japanese boy and a cat. Kool has taken full advantage of iBooks’ interactive capabilities to tell her tale in both English and Japanese. While Kool’s book is targeted at five to ten-year olds, anyone with an interest in elementary Japanese would benefit from reading it. Fly Catcher Boy is illustrated in a lively contemporary Manga style by Hailey Sabourin and authentically narrated by Simon Hayama. Fly Catcher Boy entertains, informs, and educates; a good addition to your library.”

– Doug Brunt, Metta Publications

“What could be more kid-friendly than a book that begins on a dark and stormy night and ends in triumph!  Children will love both Kool’s words and  Hailey Sabourin’s illustrations, whose manga-like quality gives them great kid appeal.  But what really distinguishes Kool’s story from others about friendship and self-esteem is the way she tells it in both Japanese and English.  Readers will not only be entertained by FLY CATCHER BOY, but informed as well.”

-Julie Krantz, Children’s Literature Reader/Writer


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