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Jul 26

Time-out in the desert….

  What a difference three hours makes. I left Phoenix at noon yesterday, with a temperature hovering around 108 degrees and high humidity. Arrived in the Pacific Northwest to a warm 80 degrees accompanied by those lovely mountain/ocean breezes. I’m home. Oh, how I missed that air!

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Jul 13

Down for the count…

Today’s Sunday?  How could that be.  I’ve been in a fog all day long, likely the result of the “Recirc-air Flight Flu”, courtesy of Allegiant Airlines.  What a thing to come down with after only four days in Arizona.  Looks like Cassie will be looking after me tomorrow….stay tuned.  I’m sure I’ll bounce back quickly …

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Jun 15

Off the deep end!

  OK, world; I figured I could spend months seeking perfection and never get this off the ground. It took me over a week to write “about the author” so now it’s time to just dive into the deep end and start blogging!

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