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Apr 18

Cherry Blossom Fever Consumes Nation!

Here in Victoria, BC, Canada we enjoy a multitude of cherry blossom blooms.  Our glorious sunny spring weather ensured that our blooms were reported on CBC national news, taunting those who were still burdened with snow and wickedly cold weather, day after miserable day.  Here, at the hint of sunshine you will find Victoria’ites clad …

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May 03

Girls rule in Japan!

Today, March 3, is known as “hina matsuri” (hina doll festival) or momo-no-sekku (peach flower festival) in Japan.  Although not a national holiday, it’s an important celebration for girls, wishing them happiness and healthy growth. Hina matsuri’s origin dates back to ancient Chinese purification rituals for getting rid of bad luck.  During the Heian period …

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