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Jul 17

Behind the scenes with iBook vocabulary

I was visiting with a friend the other day.  He’s got a young son and was curious to see my new iBook so I opened it up and began walking him through it.  He engaged right away, enjoying the “read-to-me” audio and the “touch-to-play” pronunciation glossary feature.  “This is great; I think my boy will like this.  Looks …

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Aug 03

Juku….Japanese Word of the Week

  Juku is Japanese for cram school.  Juku are special private schools that offer lessons conducted after regular school hours and on weekends.

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Jul 20

….continued “Rebecca-sensei’s Easter Party”

  Theme parties are big in Japan. My juku teachers asked if I could do an Easter party. They were especially interested in egg painting. Since egg dyeing kits aren’t available in Japan, the teachers used their own resources and created beautifully colored eggs from nature using wild berries, certain flowers, and other concoctions to …

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Jul 06

More about the book…

  Once again, the real estate dance dominated this week and I missed another deadline. Gomen (I’m sorry). An offer that looked solid was pulled two days before closing. Our dance card is now blank.

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