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Apr 18

Cherry Blossom Fever Consumes Nation!

Here in Victoria, BC, Canada we enjoy a multitude of cherry blossom blooms.  Our glorious sunny spring weather ensured that our blooms were reported on CBC national news, taunting those who were still burdened with snow and wickedly cold weather, day after miserable day.  Here, at the hint of sunshine you will find Victoria’ites clad …

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Nov 27

Wicked jet lag….

I left Japan three weeks ago. Most days it seems utterly surreal that I spent an entire month living my life on another continent. Before I left I titled this trip: “Japan: Then & Now.”  Here’s my first attempt at that (unfulfilled) promise of regular blog posts!

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Jun 29

Why Japan?

  I’m back on track today after finalizing two days of negotiations on the sale of our property. Selling property is right up there in the Top 3 on the stress scale. My last blog gave you an overview of why I wrote a kid’s book. You might now be wondering how I came to …

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